Authentically You:

A Millennial Woman’s Guide To Not Being An Imposter In A World Full Of Fakes! Authenticity is the word for the month yall! Yeah, I know, this is the one month out of the year when you can dress up and become whoever or whatever you want but for some people that “costume” has beenContinue reading “Authentically You:”

5 Things I Learned After Hosting A Live Event!

So I never in my WILDEST dreams imagined that I would have hosted an event and been a speaker/presenter at said event…but hey you never know what the universe has in store for you….. So the picture above is of me at my first event, The Ultimate Vision Board Party, that I had almost aContinue reading “5 Things I Learned After Hosting A Live Event!”

The #1 Secret to Being Successful In The New Year……..

“HHAAPPPYYYY NNNEEWWWWWW YYYEEAARRRR!!” three words that some equate to a newfound motivation to keep moving ahead and others ABSOLUTELY dread because it is a reminder of being in a place or mental tate that  we  no longer want to be in and realized that we haven’t done anything to change! Around this time of yearContinue reading “The #1 Secret to Being Successful In The New Year……..”

It’s Ok to Be Vulnerable!

Many of us were taught, at a young age, that vulnerability equated to some sort of weakness. And if someone knew your weaknesses then they had control over you,right? …..WRONG (and yes it’s in all caps because I wanted you to read it loud..very loud)  They would only have control if you gave it toContinue reading “It’s Ok to Be Vulnerable!”