The #1 Secret to Being Successful In The New Year……..

“HHAAPPPYYYY NNNEEWWWWWW YYYEEAARRRR!!” three words that some equate to a newfound motivation to keep moving ahead and others ABSOLUTELY dread because it is a reminder of being in a place or mental tate that  we  no longer want to be in and realized that we haven’t done anything to change! Around this time of year (the last few months), most  are getting prepared for what’s to come and leaving behind what has been. The sad part, though, is that 92% of people that make New Year’s Resolutions won’t complete them and I have the secret to why they are unsuccessful…..

They Don’t Set Up A Plan …

Yep, it is really that simple! We are excited for a New Year and all of the opportunities that are coming with it…we set lots of goals and have the best of intentions to get them done but how are you supposed to complete something new or bring a change in your life if you don’t have the tools to get there? That’s where planning and goal-setting comes in!

“If You Fail To Plan, You Plan To Fail!” -Benjamin Franklin

I’m going to share with you My Top 6 Tips For Planning and Goal-Setting :

  1. Set SMARTER* Goals! 
  2. Eliminate Bad Habits!
  3. Create Goals That Motivate You!
  4. Write Everything Down!
  5. Shift Your Mindset and Get Help If Needed!
  6. Be Accountable To Yourself and Have An Accountability Partner or Coach

Use the tips, above, to help you set actionable goals, motivate yourself, and stay accountable so that you can slay your goals, Sis! All good goal setting starts with awesome tools to help you get there . So with the tips above and a great goal-setting planner you have the right tools to kickstart an amazing year! 

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It’s Ok to Be Vulnerable!

Many of us were taught, at a young age, that vulnerability equated to some sort of weakness. And if someone knew your weaknesses then they had control over you,right? …..WRONG (and yes it’s in all caps because I wanted you to read it loud..very loud)  They would only have control if you gave it to them. You are in control of what controls your life!

Weaknesses make you vulnerable, and vulnerability displays your strength! ONLY IF,  you change the way you think about it. As an entrepreneur, being vulnerable and admitting your weakness will help you out in the long run.  You will be open with with your audience about what your strengths and weaknesses are and in turn build up the know, like, and trust factor that is required to build a strong following. No, you don’t have to go and share your deepest darkest secrets (unless you want to) but being open with your audience let’s them know that you aren’t perfect. 

When you show your struggles you become real to your audience. Although we know that the people who follow us on social media are real the degree of separation sometimes affect how they  view us as people. 

As a mom, we always want to be Super(wo)man but sometimes our children need Clark Kent! They don’t need you to always be the fixer or show how perfectly you can get things done. They need to see how you handle and strengthen your weaknesses, how you admit your mistakes and learn from them, and how you even admit that there is something you don’t know but is willing to do the work to find out (even if the work is to Google it). That is one thing that I have always admired about my mom and a strength that I’ve taken into motherhood. She always shared her weaknesses with us and taught us that your weaknesses will remain, just that, if you never did anything about them. As a newer mom (my kids are 4 and 3), I have lots of opportunities to show my weaknesses and although my kids aren’t old enough to realize, most of the time, when I make a mistake , I pride myself on being open with them and admitting when I’ve made one so that they know it’s ok.  

Here’s Me Being Vulnerable With You (as an Entrepreneur and Mom ❤️):

  • I don’t have it all together!
  • I don’t meet my goals every week.
  • My kids throw fits often and I have no clue what to do!
  • I have good weeks with money and not-so-good weeks!
  • At times, my business gets more attention than my kids and vice versa!
  • Sometimes, my husband and I bribe each other on who is going to be the one to do something
  • My son has was diagnosed with Autism and there isn’t a manual for how to deal with it (but I’ll definitely be posting about our journey)

It’s Ok:

  • To identify your weaknesses!
  • To be open about what you struggle with!
  • To own your story (the only way our future will get brighter is if we get through the darkness of our past)!
  • To seek help! Obviously you don’t have the tools to deal with it or you wouldn’t consider it a weakness!
  • To love again!
  • To seem strange, or not fit in, if you’re displaying your TRUE SELF!
  • To be REAL!


Once you admit your weaknesses…you can begin the process of strengthening them!

My mission, as  The Mompreneur Mentor, is to help as many new, emerging, and aspiring   Mompreneurs, who are serious about their business, to connect, learn, and grow by providing  tips and resources, sharing encouragement and offering accountability coaching to ensure you successfully accomplish your goals. Join us in, The Mompreneur Meeting Place, if you are interested in joining a community of amazing Mompreneurs, like yourself!

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Super Hero?….Nope, Mompreneur!


Mompreneurs run the world!

Now I may be a bit biased (since I am one) but who else has the skill set that we have? I’ll wait……

Since we don’t have all day I’ll keep going on with this post!

Mompreneurs are blessed to have the greatest job on Earth, as Moms, and then we were bold enough to take on the added responsibility of building a business. I’m not saying we’re superheroines but you’ve never caught Wonder Woman and I in the same room!

Mompreneurs as you build your legacy be sure to take time for yourself. Get help when you can, take breaks when you can, and enjoy the silence (even though it may be few and far between) whenever you can.

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Got Goals?

Goal-setting is a requirement for success..and a process!

Goal-setting is a process that takes time and effort to complete. It takes time to identify what you want to accomplish and the right plan of action to get you there. Below I’ve listed 5 tips to help you set goals and stick with them!

5 Tips To Help You Set And Stick to Your Goals

  1. Write Your Goals Down!- I know this may sound silly but we, as humans, sometimes believe that we can remember everything necessary and don’t have to write things down. This, of course, is untrue (unless you are 2-time Memory champion Ron White..then this could be true for you but I digress) you have to write down your goals.
  2. Your Goals Must Be Motivating!- The goal must be motivating enough to spark action. Either completing the goal itself will yield a desired result or, it will, put some momentum behind you achieving an even larger goal. If it doesn’t motivate won’t complete it!
  3. Your Goal Must Be SMART!- Specific…Measurable…Attainable…Relevant…Time-Branded.
    • Specific- you must write down EXACTLY what you want to accomplish. The specificity provides you with direction.
    • Measurable- you need to give yourself a dead-line or timeframe that you want to have your goal completed.
    • Attainable- be true with yourself and set goals that you can realistically manage.
    • Relevant-your goals should relate to the direction you are wanting your situation to head into.
    • Time-Bound-you must have a finish line to reach. If you just write a goal with no end in sight…it will be just that…a never ending cycle of you not achieving what you want.
  4. A Strategy is Necessary- No goal will be accomplished if you don’t have some plan to get you there. When you write down your goals be sure to include the steps that you need to be successful. Remember specificity is key! A goal without a plan is just a wish.
  5. Use The Plan- Here is another one that may seem silly to state but it’s for a reason. Plenty of people, myself included at one time, took time creating goals and a strategy to reach them but never put any of it into action. How dumb is that? The reason you created the goal was to change your life and change requires action.

I hope this provided you with some value…if it did be sure to comment below! I look forward to hearing from you soon!- Tequa


Monday is probably the most hated hated day of the week. At least it is based on my Facebook time line….and I’ve, always, wondered why! To me, it is a fresh start and I, actually, look forward to them!

New Week, New Goals!

Monday is the genesis of the week! You can set, brand new, goals and your plan to accomplish them. They’re like mini New Year’s every week. I mean how could you not get excited about that? Unless you hate New Years or celebrations or excitement in your life…if it’s been working for you…stick with it!

Reasons Some People Hate Mondays

  • You hate what you do!
  • You have unfinished work that you can’t put off any longer!
  • It represents the end of your eventful, carefree, worry less, problem-free weekend!

It Doesn’t Have to Be…

When you’ve found something that you are excited about, Mondays (or any other day for that matter) takes on a new meaning. You are fueled by the possibilities of what each day can bring. You become excited when you think about new opportunities and what can be accomplished in the 24 hours that, not many, are afforded! Let that sink in!

Until next time Sunshines!