Become The Best Version of Yourself, PERIOD!

Hey Queen!

We all want to become the best version of ourselves but how many people are really willing to put in the work? Developing yourself isn’t only taking girl’s trips and drinking wine, it  takes time, self-reflection, diligence, willpower, and realizing some things about yourself that quite frankly you wanted to leave buried. And as women this process can be even more challenging, because we tend to struggle in putting ourselves first and taking time for ourselves. 

Designing your best self involves a fair amount of self-analyzing; you’ll need to identify and address your faults and be patient enough to handle slow, gradual changes. 

This process can’t and won’t  happen overnight but if you put in the work it will happen. Check out my 6  tips for beginning this process and becoming your greatest self.

Tip #1-Be Open to New Things

The first step in designing your greatest self is to try new things. Be open to new opportunities and adventures. You might be surprised at how much this simple act can change you and your path in life. Try new things, learn new skills, meet new people, explore new places; you never know where you might end up or how it might change you.

Tip #2 -Take Time for Self-Reflection

You’ll never be your greatest self if you don’t know yourself. Taking time to explore who you are as a person, what you like to do, and what you want in life is essential to your happiness and success. Take some time monthly, weekly, or even daily to really get to know yourself.

Tip #3- Stay Motivated and Keep Your Momentum

We all have days where we don’t feel as motivated, but we can’t let them get the better of us. If you’re going to design and work on your greatest self, you have to push through the slow period and find your motivation so you don’t lose momentum. Progress is a gradual  process.

Tip #4- Know the Good Habits from the Bad Habits

We all have a mixed bag of good and bad habits that make us unique. It’s important to identify these habits and whether they’re good or bad when designing your greatest self. You should do what you can to maximize your good habits and minimize the bad ones.

Tip #5- Don’t Let Your Emotions Take Control

While experiencing emotions and working through them are normal and necessary parts of life, allowing them to take control and rule important decisions in your life can be detrimental. It’s important to keep them in check whenever necessary and to identify appropriate times to express them. In order to do this, you’ll have to be in-tune with your emotions to know when they’re taking control and when it’s an appropriate level of emotion for the predicament or situation.

Tip #6- Put Yourself First Sometimes

While it’s important and honorable to put others before yourself, you’re important too. You have to put yourself first every once in a while,Sis. It’s a trend among women to always put the needs of others before their own, which is thoughtful until it becomes detrimental. 

If you never take care of yourself, you’ll become too weak and feeble to care for others or yourself. You have to find a balance and be sure to give yourself the time and care you need.

Being your greatest self takes work, diligence, patience, time, and a whole lot of effort. You have to take time for self-reflection and the patience and strength to work on improving yourself. This is not always easy, as you’ll have to admit to and address your faults, but it’s necessary and healthy, as well as the only way to become truly your best self. 

I hope that you found this email useful as you navigate through the process of designing your best self. 

Just remember as you go through this process the change will not happen overnight; it will take time for you to fully implement these changes and start to see results. Be patient with yourself and don’t give up.

Which tip would you like to start implementing in your life today? DROP IT IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!

Make Yourself Happy…DAILY!

Hey, Girl, Hey!

You came across this post for a reason…that reason being my title/quote probably resonated with you (or you’re just one of my loyal tribe members and you were notified that I dropped a new blog post)! No matter how you got here I believe you were supposed to receive this message 🙂

This post is all about INTENTIONALLY starting off your mornings on a good note!

Don’t you just hate when you run into someone early in the morning and they are already sour (hopefully you aren’t that person )..Like, Sis, the day just started…it’s no way you setting the tone like that….and don’t bring that negativity this way!

One thing that I do to ensure I start my day off right is completing a morning routine…I get a good prayer in, read a chapter or two of of a book, and then partake in a few other activities that help me to either relax or release so that I can start my day!

When you start your day off by putting yourself first and making sure you have yourself together (emotionally, mentally, and physically) you will continue to find ways to do it throughout the day.

3 Quick Ways To Make Yourself Happy At The Start Of Your Day!

  1. Express Gratitude….I mean Sis, you woke up, right? So get excited about that!
  2. Plan to complete a task that you enjoy! This gives you something to look forward to! An activity I look forward to is journaling each morning! Whether you journal by brain dumping or responding to a prompt…clearing your mind out is refreshing! Need prompts? Grab your copy of the “50 Self-Discovery Journal Prompts” here!!!!
  3. Don’t get on Social Media!!!!! Give your brain a chance to get moving before you overcrowd it, first thing in the morning, with information and negativity!

Which tip way, from above, will you implement in your life to help make your mornings happier? Which tip would you like me to elaborate on? Drop it in the comments!!!!

Let’s Connect!

Authentically You:

A Millennial Woman’s Guide To Not Being An Imposter In A World Full Of Fakes!

Authenticity is the word for the month yall! Yeah, I know, this is the one month out of the year when you can dress up and become whoever or whatever you want but for some people that “costume” has been on since January *sips tea* and it’s time to take that thang off and be yourself, flaws and all, unapologetically!

What does it mean to be authentic?

Sis, when you’re authentically you your actions and words align with what you believe in and the things that you value. You ain’ out here saying one thing, doing another, and then trying to make people believe something totally different…that’s fake! We have enough imposters out there, Sis, please don’t choose that bandwagon to jump on. 

Let’s go on the road less travelled…the road of AUTHENTICITY!

Being authentic requires you to really think about who you truly are. Are your beliefs and values truly your own? Or are they your beliefs and values because someone else told you that’s what you should care about, or how you should act, when you were younger and now it’s just habit ?  For real, take some time and think about that.

 For most of us, Millennials,  we are now getting to the “shifting” point in our lives. We are figuring out what thoughts, principles, beliefs, and people serve us and getting rid of those that don’t. Shifting our lives to only be around those and participate in things that enhance our lives.

Being authentic requires character building! Authentic people have qualities that separate us from the imposters! Some qualities of authentic people include but aren’t limited to:

  • Having a good character
  • Being self-reflective
  • Being open-minded
  • Being non-judgemental
  • Living in the present
  • Being great listeners
  • Being honest 
  • & Being consistent 

Sis, check the qualities above and then check yourself. Are there any areas you think can use some attention? You have to be real with yourself before you can be real to the world!


Girl, I knew you were gone ask me why it matters. Well, reason #1 (and the only reason needed tbh)  is because it’s easier to be yourself than it is to try and be someone else. You can copy, copy, copy, as much as you want of a person or group of people but when you try to paste what you stole together even if you gave it your all it will only be a measly knock-off. You are the only person that can be you! You determine what the world sees , what motivates you, what you like and dislike, and all the other attributes that make you you! 

When you aren’t being your authentic self you’ll notice that you feel like your life is off-balance or meaningless and some people even begin to notice a disconnect from those that you were once close to or people in general. 

So what can you do about it? Check out these steps to being AUTHENTICALLY YOU! 

  1. Know that this is something that you have to practice. Everyday you will have situations that come up in which you’ll have to decide if you are going to be real or put on a front!
  2. Don’t convey the thought or feeling if it isn’t how you really feel. Only express your truth.
  3. Care less about what people think and how they feel about your life and decisions you’ve made so far. Most times the people that have the most to say about your life ain’ doing ish with theirs! 
  4. Trust yourself! We all have intuitions for a reason. Allow it to be your inner guide it won’t lead you wrong.
  5. Be open minded! Always remember that everyone didn’t grow up like you did, they didn’t experience what you have, and they have a right to feel/lead their lives how they want as long as it isn’t negatively affecting yours. And to be honest, you probably can learn a thing or two from the people/group that you have the most reservations about if you just open up your mind and heart!
  6. Take time for yourself! Be by yourself, take yourself out on a date, learn something new about yourself, take time to really sit still and see what thoughts come to your mind. Become so aware of yourself that no one can tell you about you! 
  7. Unchain yourself from your past! If it’s something so traumatic that happened in your life that you just can’t get over…GET THERAPY! For everything else, address it and keep it moving! Live in the now…you can’t do anything about the past and you have no clue what the future holds!

What step(s) do you need to work on, Sis? Don’t be shy we’ve all been here or are currently here and  wish we had someone to set us on the right path. 

Drop your response in the comments!

Also, don’t forget to connect with me on IG @TheEmpowHermentCoach and check out resources made for you at

Mindset Matters!

“When you change your mindset…you change your life!”

-The Mompreneur Mentor

When you read that quote did you believe it Sis?

My focus for January is to help every Mompreneur that I can get their Mindset right, not only for the new year but for their betterment as a whole.

Our Mindset affects so many aspects of our lives and it’s the one thing that most people pay the LEAST amount of attention to. Here are a few things about Mindset that, I believe, everyone should know but definitely, us as, Mompreneurs.

Understand What Mindset Is

Your Mindset is the set of beliefs, attitudes, and thoughts that a person has. It determines and influences:

  • Your outward general attitude
  • Your responses to situations and circumstances and
  • Your daily habits!

Figure Out The Type Of Mindset You Have

  • The type of Mindset that you possess can either impact your life in a positive or negative way.
  • There are 2 Mindset types that I use to categorize thought-processes of people that I encounter and they are Fixed and Growth Mindset. The mindset types are more of a spectrum than black and white categories but it is important to know where you fall. If you are unsure, take the “Mindset Matters Quiz” as a starting point!

Why Does It Matter

  • Your Mindset affects your relationships, business, and successes in your daily life. How? It determines how you view your ability. How you view your ability will lead you to act a certain way and therefore affect the results that you receive.
  • In people with a fixed mindset, they are more focused on receiving feedback that lets them know how well they’ve done (or how well they’ve displayed the ability they believe they have). They are not open to receiving constructive criticism because they think that their intelligence is set and it’s nothing they can do about it.
  • In people with a growth mindset, they care more about the feedback, or how they can learn a lesson for further improvement. They take the lessons from their setbacks and set themselves up for a comeback. With people that have a growth mindset, there aren’t any failures only lessons.

Let’s Continue The Conversation

This is only the beginning of what I have to share about Mindset! To share everything in this post would turn it into a novel. But no worries…I will have the “Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life” Virtual Mindset Conference on February 2nd, 2019 @ 10am to provide more information on this Mindset! During the conference myself, and some amazing speakers will discuss:

  • Mindset Types and How We Develop Them
  • Mindset Blocks and How To Change Them
  • How Mindset Affects Your Confidence and Your Money
  • Developing A Mindset of Growth and Practicing Mindfulness
  • And How Your Mindset Type Affects Your Children

Make sure you are in attendance…seats are grab yours today:

We are, also, discussing all things “Mindset” for the ENTIRE month of January over in The Mompreneur Meeting Place community over on Facebook. Join us over there and let’s continue the conversation!

5 Things I Learned After Hosting A Live Event!

So I never in my WILDEST dreams imagined that I would have hosted an event and been a speaker/presenter at said event…but hey you never know what the universe has in store for you…..

So the picture above is of me at my first event, The Ultimate Vision Board Party, that I had almost a week ago. It was fun and definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone! I want to share with you what I learned! 

1. Venue Choice Matters!

Take into consideration the amount of people you anticipate or want to attend, the budget that you have to work with and the location! When I started my search for venues I had no clue what I was doing. I didn’t know what type of venue to even consider ! I ended up going with a hotel meeting space because: 1. The size of the room was intimate, yet comfortable, for the amount of guests that I wanted to attend. 2. The price was within my budget and the location was ideal. 3. They provided some decor, the manpower needed to set up a space, and all of my A/V needs

2. Collaborate,Collaborate,Collaborate!

Who you collaborate with matters! When choosing speakers/presenters be sure to choose people that have brands that align with yours. Do a bit of research on those that you decide to work with because people will associate you…you know birds of a feather type of thing. Also, when you collaborate with people you are getting your event and/or brand in front of their audience. This may be 100s or 1000s of eyes that you wouldn’t have received on your own! So think about working with people who have an audience similar to yours.

3. Start Registration ASAP!

As soon as possible, even if you don’t have all of the details worked out you can start having people register for your event. You can release the details and send out updates as you go along. I wanted everything perfect and as a result, I wasted TONS of time! Don’t be like me…start that registration!

4.Expect The Unexpected!

I just knew I had everything together ….then when it was my turn to present, I couldn’t find my notes. CRAZY RIGHT? You never know what may happen so try to think of as many things that could possibly go wrong and alternatives.

5.Be Nice…..To Yourself!

You already have enough going on so don’t add on more unnecessary stress. I was so hard on myself about what didn’t go right or what I didn’t do and when I received feedback about the event everyone loved it! Your attendees don’t know that the balloons you wanted weren’t available, or that you rushed left your speech before you got there…just relax, enjoy the moments, and pat yourself on the back….YOU DESERVE IT ❤️ Tell me about the first live event that you hosted, or plan to host, in the comments!