Make Yourself Happy…DAILY!

Hey, Girl, Hey!

You came across this post for a reason…that reason being my title/quote probably resonated with you (or you’re just one of my loyal tribe members and you were notified that I dropped a new blog post)! No matter how you got here I believe you were supposed to receive this message 🙂

This post is all about INTENTIONALLY starting off your mornings on a good note!

Don’t you just hate when you run into someone early in the morning and they are already sour (hopefully you aren’t that person )..Like, Sis, the day just started…it’s no way you setting the tone like that….and don’t bring that negativity this way!

One thing that I do to ensure I start my day off right is completing a morning routine…I get a good prayer in, read a chapter or two of of a book, and then partake in a few other activities that help me to either relax or release so that I can start my day!

When you start your day off by putting yourself first and making sure you have yourself together (emotionally, mentally, and physically) you will continue to find ways to do it throughout the day.

3 Quick Ways To Make Yourself Happy At The Start Of Your Day!

  1. Express Gratitude….I mean Sis, you woke up, right? So get excited about that!
  2. Plan to complete a task that you enjoy! This gives you something to look forward to! An activity I look forward to is journaling each morning! Whether you journal by brain dumping or responding to a prompt…clearing your mind out is refreshing! Need prompts? Grab your copy of the “50 Self-Discovery Journal Prompts” here!!!!
  3. Don’t get on Social Media!!!!! Give your brain a chance to get moving before you overcrowd it, first thing in the morning, with information and negativity!

Which tip way, from above, will you implement in your life to help make your mornings happier? Which tip would you like me to elaborate on? Drop it in the comments!!!!

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