Mindset Matters!

“When you change your mindset…you change your life!”

-The Mompreneur Mentor

When you read that quote did you believe it Sis?

My focus for January is to help every Mompreneur that I can get their Mindset right, not only for the new year but for their betterment as a whole.

Our Mindset affects so many aspects of our lives and it’s the one thing that most people pay the LEAST amount of attention to. Here are a few things about Mindset that, I believe, everyone should know but definitely, us as, Mompreneurs.

Understand What Mindset Is

Your Mindset is the set of beliefs, attitudes, and thoughts that a person has. It determines and influences:

  • Your outward general attitude
  • Your responses to situations and circumstances and
  • Your daily habits!

Figure Out The Type Of Mindset You Have

  • The type of Mindset that you possess can either impact your life in a positive or negative way.
  • There are 2 Mindset types that I use to categorize thought-processes of people that I encounter and they are Fixed and Growth Mindset. The mindset types are more of a spectrum than black and white categories but it is important to know where you fall. If you are unsure, take the “Mindset Matters Quiz” as a starting point!

Why Does It Matter

  • Your Mindset affects your relationships, business, and successes in your daily life. How? It determines how you view your ability. How you view your ability will lead you to act a certain way and therefore affect the results that you receive.
  • In people with a fixed mindset, they are more focused on receiving feedback that lets them know how well they’ve done (or how well they’ve displayed the ability they believe they have). They are not open to receiving constructive criticism because they think that their intelligence is set and it’s nothing they can do about it.
  • In people with a growth mindset, they care more about the feedback, or how they can learn a lesson for further improvement. They take the lessons from their setbacks and set themselves up for a comeback. With people that have a growth mindset, there aren’t any failures only lessons.

Let’s Continue The Conversation

This is only the beginning of what I have to share about Mindset! To share everything in this post would turn it into a novel. But no worries…I will have the “Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life” Virtual Mindset Conference on February 2nd, 2019 @ 10am to provide more information on this Mindset! During the conference myself, and some amazing speakers will discuss:

  • Mindset Types and How We Develop Them
  • Mindset Blocks and How To Change Them
  • How Mindset Affects Your Confidence and Your Money
  • Developing A Mindset of Growth and Practicing Mindfulness
  • And How Your Mindset Type Affects Your Children

Make sure you are in attendance…seats are limited..so grab yours today: bit.ly/MindsetConference

We are, also, discussing all things “Mindset” for the ENTIRE month of January over in The Mompreneur Meeting Place community over on Facebook. Join us over there and let’s continue the conversation!

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