The #1 Secret to Being Successful In The New Year……..

“HHAAPPPYYYY NNNEEWWWWWW YYYEEAARRRR!!” three words that some equate to a newfound motivation to keep moving ahead and others ABSOLUTELY dread because it is a reminder of being in a place or mental tate that  we  no longer want to be in and realized that we haven’t done anything to change! Around this time of year (the last few months), most  are getting prepared for what’s to come and leaving behind what has been. The sad part, though, is that 92% of people that make New Year’s Resolutions won’t complete them and I have the secret to why they are unsuccessful…..

They Don’t Set Up A Plan …

Yep, it is really that simple! We are excited for a New Year and all of the opportunities that are coming with it…we set lots of goals and have the best of intentions to get them done but how are you supposed to complete something new or bring a change in your life if you don’t have the tools to get there? That’s where planning and goal-setting comes in!

“If You Fail To Plan, You Plan To Fail!” -Benjamin Franklin

I’m going to share with you My Top 6 Tips For Planning and Goal-Setting :

  1. Set SMARTER* Goals! 
  2. Eliminate Bad Habits!
  3. Create Goals That Motivate You!
  4. Write Everything Down!
  5. Shift Your Mindset and Get Help If Needed!
  6. Be Accountable To Yourself and Have An Accountability Partner or Coach

Use the tips, above, to help you set actionable goals, motivate yourself, and stay accountable so that you can slay your goals, Sis! All good goal setting starts with awesome tools to help you get there . So with the tips above and a great goal-setting planner you have the right tools to kickstart an amazing year! 

*****Be sure to check out my post about GOALS here!*****

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