It’s Ok to Be Vulnerable!

Many of us were taught, at a young age, that vulnerability equated to some sort of weakness. And if someone knew your weaknesses then they had control over you,right? …..WRONG (and yes it’s in all caps because I wanted you to read it loud..very loud)  They would only have control if you gave it to them. You are in control of what controls your life!

Weaknesses make you vulnerable, and vulnerability displays your strength! ONLY IF,  you change the way you think about it. As an entrepreneur, being vulnerable and admitting your weakness will help you out in the long run.  You will be open with with your audience about what your strengths and weaknesses are and in turn build up the know, like, and trust factor that is required to build a strong following. No, you don’t have to go and share your deepest darkest secrets (unless you want to) but being open with your audience let’s them know that you aren’t perfect. 

When you show your struggles you become real to your audience. Although we know that the people who follow us on social media are real the degree of separation sometimes affect how they  view us as people. 

As a mom, we always want to be Super(wo)man but sometimes our children need Clark Kent! They don’t need you to always be the fixer or show how perfectly you can get things done. They need to see how you handle and strengthen your weaknesses, how you admit your mistakes and learn from them, and how you even admit that there is something you don’t know but is willing to do the work to find out (even if the work is to Google it). That is one thing that I have always admired about my mom and a strength that I’ve taken into motherhood. She always shared her weaknesses with us and taught us that your weaknesses will remain, just that, if you never did anything about them. As a newer mom (my kids are 4 and 3), I have lots of opportunities to show my weaknesses and although my kids aren’t old enough to realize, most of the time, when I make a mistake , I pride myself on being open with them and admitting when I’ve made one so that they know it’s ok.  

Here’s Me Being Vulnerable With You (as an Entrepreneur and Mom ❤️):

  • I don’t have it all together!
  • I don’t meet my goals every week.
  • My kids throw fits often and I have no clue what to do!
  • I have good weeks with money and not-so-good weeks!
  • At times, my business gets more attention than my kids and vice versa!
  • Sometimes, my husband and I bribe each other on who is going to be the one to do something
  • My son has was diagnosed with Autism and there isn’t a manual for how to deal with it (but I’ll definitely be posting about our journey)

It’s Ok:

  • To identify your weaknesses!
  • To be open about what you struggle with!
  • To own your story (the only way our future will get brighter is if we get through the darkness of our past)!
  • To seek help! Obviously you don’t have the tools to deal with it or you wouldn’t consider it a weakness!
  • To love again!
  • To seem strange, or not fit in, if you’re displaying your TRUE SELF!
  • To be REAL!


Once you admit your weaknesses…you can begin the process of strengthening them!

My mission, as  The Mompreneur Mentor, is to help as many new, emerging, and aspiring   Mompreneurs, who are serious about their business, to connect, learn, and grow by providing  tips and resources, sharing encouragement and offering accountability coaching to ensure you successfully accomplish your goals. Join us in, The Mompreneur Meeting Place, if you are interested in joining a community of amazing Mompreneurs, like yourself!

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