Monday is probably the most hated hated day of the week. At least it is based on my Facebook time line….and I’ve, always, wondered why! To me, it is a fresh start and I, actually, look forward to them!

New Week, New Goals!

Monday is the genesis of the week! You can set, brand new, goals and your plan to accomplish them. They’re like mini New Year’s every week. I mean how could you not get excited about that? Unless you hate New Years or celebrations or excitement in your life…if it’s been working for you…stick with it!

Reasons Some People Hate Mondays

  • You hate what you do!
  • You have unfinished work that you can’t put off any longer!
  • It represents the end of your eventful, carefree, worry less, problem-free weekend!

It Doesn’t Have to Be…

When you’ve found something that you are excited about, Mondays (or any other day for that matter) takes on a new meaning. You are fueled by the possibilities of what each day can bring. You become excited when you think about new opportunities and what can be accomplished in the 24 hours that, not many, are afforded! Let that sink in!

Until next time Sunshines!

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