Got Goals?

Goal-setting is a requirement for success..and a process!

Goal-setting is a process that takes time and effort to complete. It takes time to identify what you want to accomplish and the right plan of action to get you there. Below I’ve listed 5 tips to help you set goals and stick with them!

5 Tips To Help You Set And Stick to Your Goals

  1. Write Your Goals Down!- I know this may sound silly but we, as humans, sometimes believe that we can remember everything necessary and don’t have to write things down. This, of course, is untrue (unless you are 2-time Memory champion Ron White..then this could be true for you but I digress) you have to write down your goals.
  2. Your Goals Must Be Motivating!- The goal must be motivating enough to spark action. Either completing the goal itself will yield a desired result or, it will, put some momentum behind you achieving an even larger goal. If it doesn’t motivate won’t complete it!
  3. Your Goal Must Be SMART!- Specific…Measurable…Attainable…Relevant…Time-Branded.
    • Specific- you must write down EXACTLY what you want to accomplish. The specificity provides you with direction.
    • Measurable- you need to give yourself a dead-line or timeframe that you want to have your goal completed.
    • Attainable- be true with yourself and set goals that you can realistically manage.
    • Relevant-your goals should relate to the direction you are wanting your situation to head into.
    • Time-Bound-you must have a finish line to reach. If you just write a goal with no end in sight…it will be just that…a never ending cycle of you not achieving what you want.
  4. A Strategy is Necessary- No goal will be accomplished if you don’t have some plan to get you there. When you write down your goals be sure to include the steps that you need to be successful. Remember specificity is key! A goal without a plan is just a wish.
  5. Use The Plan- Here is another one that may seem silly to state but it’s for a reason. Plenty of people, myself included at one time, took time creating goals and a strategy to reach them but never put any of it into action. How dumb is that? The reason you created the goal was to change your life and change requires action.

I hope this provided you with some value…if it did be sure to comment below! I look forward to hearing from you soon!- Tequa

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